Selasa, 12 Oktober 2010

How To Clean Metal Blinds

Have you noticed dust and cobwebs building up on your metal blinds learn how to clean metal blinds to remove dirt and odor. Weekly dusting only goes so far to clean metal blinds. You should remove and clean your metal blinds completely at least once a year. There are a few simple steps to follow to achieve clean metal blinds.
To clean metal blinds, you will need:
  • Ammonia
  • Hot Water
  • Screwdriver
  • Bathtub
  1. Prepare to remove the metal blinds from the window frame. The metal blinds are attached to the window frame with brackets that normally have little covers. You may have to use a screwdriver to pry open the covers to be able to slide the blinds out of the brackets.
  2. Make sure the metal blinds are all the way up before removing from brackets. Gently slide the metal blinds toward you out of the brackets.
  3. Prepare a bathtub of hot water. Add a half of a cup of ammonia to the hot water.
  4. Place the metal blinds in the bathtub with the hot water and ammonia mixture. Slightly open the blinds so that the water and ammonia can get between each slat. For very dirty blinds you should let them soak for at least a half an hour.  
  5. Rinse the metal blinds. Using the shower head or a large cup rinse the metal blinds. After rinsing place a towel on the bottom of the top and prop the metal blinds up so that they do not fall and allow them to dry.  Once dry the metal blinds will look amazing and can be placed back into the brackets in the window frame.
By: Erin Schmitt
Break Studios Contributing Writer

Senin, 11 Oktober 2010

How To Clean Mini Metal Blinds Without Taking Them Down

Figuring out how to cleaning metal mini blinds without taking them down is a common household cleaning task year around. Mini blinds are dust magnets and must be kept clean to keep your home healthy and looking its best. Many metal mini blinds are difficult to remove from wall anchors—and some are nearly impossible. How can you keep your metal mini blinds clean without taking them down?
Materials needed:
  • Vacuum
  • Bucket
  • Warm Soapy Water/Warm Rinse Water
  • Soft cloths or cleaning mitts
  • Towels
  1. Prepare the area for cleaning. Protect the floor under the window which you will be cleaning. The disadvantage to cleaning mini blinds while hanging is that the cleaning liquid is likely to drip or run. You will need to place towels on the floor or the window sills—and have a towel ready to catch any heavy drips or spills. 
  2. Open and vacuum the metal mini blinds. Be sure that the blind is dropped to cover the window. Open the blind so that the metal strips have openings between each one. Using a hand held vacuum or upright vacuum attachment, vacuum the mini blinds to remove any thick dust or cobwebs.
  3. Clean each metal strip of the mini blind. Soak either soft cloths or cleaning mitts in the warm soapy water, wringing out excess water. Gently wipe each metal blind strip with the cleaning cloth. This will be time consuming. You’ll want to clean the top and bottom of each metal strip by gripping between your thumb and index finger then wiping with enough force to remove dust and buildup. Take care that you do not bend the thin metal strips as you clean. 
  4. Rinse away the soapy residue. Once you have washed the mini blinds, it’s time to rinse them. Replace your soapy wash water with clean water for rinsing. Using fresh cloths or thoroughly rinsed ones, wipe down each strip in the same manner used for cleaning.
  5. Dry the blinds. Wipe the blinds dry with clean dry cloths to prevent spotting. If you prefer to let the blinds self dry, be sure to leave towels in place to protect the surrounding area until the blinds are dried.
  6. Develop a mini blind maintenance routine. Vacuum the blinds between cleanings to minimize the work of your next mini blind cleaning adventure. If the blind is soiled during a spill—wipe it immediately to prevent it from drying and requiring extra work in the future.
By: Angela Thompson
Break Studios Contributing Writer